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    …B. Quayle Illustration. Cover of a folder for eardrops from Burroughs Wellcome.From Graphis Annual 59/60. (Great Britain)…

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    I can’t help but think it’s impossible to be satisfied in a culture that relentlessly promotes avarice and excess as the ‘good life’

  • Nice remix of australian sensation Hiatus Kaiyote, by Dan Marshall.

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    Quietness to its maximum level since October last year I think… I worked a lot on many projects for other artists, and also had myself into my new projects coming… I didn’t have any spare time to put my mind in blogging…

    Now what?

    Now I’ll try to post a little more, but probably not in the same exact style I was posting until last October. Probably more moodbards and likes, pretty various things: songs, links, gear, gentleman stuff, and pics. Nothing talks better about you than the things you love!

    See you around!


  • MIX - DANDY TERU / LE MELLOTRON - 13.10.2013


    Dandy Teru était hier soir sur la péniche le Mellow, avec une sélection d’1h en direct sur Le Mellotron.


    En voici le podcast :

  • Je serai sur la péniche Le Mellow, en direct sur les ondes du Mellotron, pour une sélection éclectique à la French Toast ;)

    Dimanche 13 Oct, à partir de 18h !


    Rendez-vous Dimanche 13 Octobre sur LE MELLOTRON à partir de 18h ! Dandy Teru y sera à la sélection avec quelques nouveautés et exclus French Toast !


    I spent the whole summer working on several projects, the DJ set gig of September 6th in Toulouse (south France) with Quiet Dawn, a few other gigs on a boat in August, and albums by me and other producers and artists from all around…
    This music tension was furious and I LOVE it that way.

    After that, I went enjoy a slice of sun and excellent food in my family in Toulouse, around the DJ set gig I just talked about.
    It was Radio Campus Toulouse 30th anniversary, we did it pretty good and the people were pretty responsive to the French Toast kind of set we did. It’s awesome to play music by others and not just yours, for me anyway. In the meantime I can’t wait to play mine (just need it to be less downtempo and depressed ahahah).

    This is how sunny Toulouse was:

    And yes, I’m on instagram now: check the pic box on the right column on this side, get at me on IG ;)

    I’m back home and in studio since a little week now, got new gear (fx pedals) and I’m ready to get things done on all my personnal projects coming, and there is plenty of them! ahah!

  • Basslines for Supafuh’s sophomore album as a rapper (he’s also a producer)… I’m making 90% of the beats on this album, and it’s pretty awesome to work with David Hazak, great bassist player, on the bass frequences.


  • NOUVEAU CASINO - PARIS - Adventures Release party

    Last saturday, as you probably know if you can read french posts on this blog ahah, was the release party of Adventures in Paris, at Le Nouveau Casino, with the What The Funk crew, and featuring Rita J, DJ Psycut, DJ Soulist, and myself.

    Long story short… THIS NIGHT WAS NUTS!!!!

    Here is a small bunch of pics taken by the great Nadia Wicker.




    The last 25min of my set were shared with Rita J on the mic. I’m already looking forward to play with her again!

    Check the whole set of pics HERE.


  • MERCI à toutes et tous d’être venus samedi soir au Nouveau Casino, pour la release party d’Adventures à Paris. C’était une superbe soirée, une célébration en bonne et due forme pour cet album.
    Un grand merci à Freeworker et Soulist de What The Funk, à DJ Psycut, au Nouveau Casino, et à mes amis venus en nombre !

    Un merci spécial à Black Milk Music, jeune blog français qui fait son bonhomme de chemin, et qui a initié l’idée de cette soirée !